“Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy.”

– Gretta Palmer, Author and Editor

In a year (2020) we will remember not, as the tea providore of one of Australia's award winning retail shops of 15 years I had to put on my thinking cap about how I through my retail tea emporium can contribute to addressing a Covid crazy Launceston.


After many hours spent in Launceston Library reading up on beverages and various foods that can contribute to building a healthier immune system, the information I digested was that certain beverages can aid the human body in helping to fight off viruses. Those beverages in question lead directly to the humble tea leaf. In particular the high altitude grown full leaf teas.


Several weeks ago on a sunny Saturday afternoon a Sri Lankan gentleman walked into "Cocoon Living Tea Emporium" and as they say, the rest is history. After introducing himself, Amila proceeded to explain his passionate interest in high altitude, monsoon fed tea bushes. After being hand-picked Amila discussed the various tea leaf processes and in the blink of an eyelid opened up his suitcase and withdrew an assembly of assorted Sri Lankan packet teas. Then and there all my questions were answered. Sri Lanka Fine leaf  High Altitude Teas when drunk in moderation over many months can contribute significantly to improving the body's immune system to fight off viruses.


Over that weekend my gut feeling was to merchandise these tes. Beautifully packaged with appropriate harvest and use by dates clearly labeled, these teas would enabled me to fulfill my dream of contributing to the wants of the shopping public during these Covid times.  Amila responded within a couple of days after placing my order. The back wall of my shop is the perfect location to display my new teas. The paying public have been dazzled by the packaging design profile as well as the very affordable retail pricing. For the quality of product on offer I and my staff have been reassuring customers through taste testing and sample giveaways that they are indeed purchasing a 100% superior fine leaf tea.


Over the last few weeks the Launceston shopping public are definitely engaging in these brand new teas. Infact I have reordered twice with another on the way tomorrow. The general feedback has been nothing short of sensational, so to get the message out there I commissioned a radio advertisement that goes to air across the globe from next week.

BRUCE WEBB on 17.02.2021


Director of City Park Radio

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“This tea is the best tea I have drank in Australia. It has excellent flavour”

Deb, Melbourne

“Today 28 January 2021 tried the Cinnamon Tea, it was lovely.

Best Wishes.”

Ms Irene Tomilinson –

Red Dove Café,


"I agree with the top report these teas have a very refreshing flavour. Thanks"

John Caley

The Health Shop, 

Shop 13,

Centreway Arcade,


"I tried a few CeyTas variants and as a regular tea drinker I'm amazed with the flavour, aroma, and texture. I highly recommend CeyTas."




"The tea is beautiful"