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Our Story


The story of CeyTas begins with changing the lifestyle of Amila Amarawardhana, a retired naval officer who arrived in Launceston, Tasmania with his family at the end of the year 2019. Amidst the global pandemic in a new environment, he had to explore the possibilities to survive with his family. Knowledge and experience gained as a naval officer by sacrificing the best of his life for more than 26 years appeared to be in vain. He was left with determination, dedication, honesty, and more importantly a handful of true friends in Launceston and Sri Lanka. There is a famous saying that the need is the mother of innovation. The aim was to find living through benefitting both Tasmania and Sri Lanka, presenting a high-quality, healthy, and product to the people in Tasmania.  The whole saga was perfectly matched with the strapline version of the Tasmanian government,

Explore the possibilities”.

After many sleepless nights and mind-blowing thoughts, it was planned to import high-grown good quality coffee beans from Sri Lanka. With a bagful of samples, Amila walked through all streets and visited almost all coffee shops in Launceston but returned home empty-handedly. Taste and bean sizes were different from the expectations of coffee lovers in Launceston besides the fact that all coffee shops had annual purchasing contracts. 

Meanwhile, Amila attended an in-person mentoring session at the Van Dieman Project, organized under Entrepreneurship Facilities Program which is an Australian Government Initiative through Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation. This mentoring session followed by a real market survey suggested the potential of bringing high-quality Ceylon Tea to Tasmania. Thus, the direction was diverted from coffee to tea trading as it was the humble beginning of CeyTas. With sincere gratitude, Amila mentions the invaluable support and guidance he received as a client of CatholicCare Tasmania to establish and strengthen the name of CeyTas.  

CeyTas bonds the relationship between Ceylon, the colonial name of Sri Lanka for more than 157 years and the state of Tasmania. Both Sri Lanka and Tasmania are islands, blessed with greenery and serenity. Contributing to share the best products of these two islands is the vision of CeyTas. Amila, founder of CeyTas has spent his childhood in nature gifted tea and spice gardens in Sri Lanka. After many years, this has helped him to bring the garden-fresh finest Ceylon Tea to Tasmania. CeyTas presents you the best of green nature. Today, Pure Ceylon Tea brought by CeyTas is available in the premium tea and health shops in the cities of Launceston and Hobart in Tasmania. Moreover, many customers are enjoying CeyTas products through online purchases and the retail network. CeyTas believes that the word of mouth through customer delight is the pathway to success.