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Akbar Premium Quality Black Tea - 100  Teabags x 2g

Akbar Premium Quality Black Tea - 100 Teabags x 2g


Ceylon favourite Akbar Premium Quality High Grown Black Tea is a blend of finest tea grown in the cool, lush mountains of Sri Lanka. Its deep red colour and strong smooth flavour coupled with a pleasing aroma is the perfect beverage to soothe and relax your senses at the end of a busy day. It can be enjoyed straight or with a dash of milk. 


Each set of 25 teabags are foil-wrapped to preserve the freshness and original quality of the premium black tea. 


Akbar tea is manufactured using only the most tender leaves carefully handpicked by tea pluckers from the lush tea gardens in the mountains of Sri Lanka. This garden fresh tea is then immediately packed and sealed according to the highest standards to guarantee its freshness and quality.


Store in a dry airtight container once the pack is open.


Brewing Guide

Place one tea bag per cup. Pour 95 - 100 C temperature boiled water into the teacup. Allow three to five minutes to brew. Stir well before serving


Akbar Tea is assessed according to the most stringent quality standards by expert tea tasters who have mastered their skill by relying on nearly a century of expertise in the field of tea tasting and blending. By preserving the fine values of a 100-year-old tradition, the Akbar family guarantees that only the best cup of tea reaches you. 

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