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Akbar Premium Quality Mountain Fresh Large Leaf Green Tea

Akbar Premium Quality Mountain Fresh Large Leaf Green Tea


Delight your senses with Akbar Green tea, a delicious green tea selected from some of the finest tea gardens of Yunnan and Jiangxi in Eastern China. Tea is harvested in spring and traditionally processed. This tea does not undergo fermentation thereby retaining all the nutritive value of the primaeval green tea. Its sweet lingering flavour and refreshing taste is popular among tea enthusiast the world over.


Store in a dry airtight container when the pack is open.


Akbar Green Tea is manufactured using only the most tender tea leaves carefully handpicked by tea pluckers from the lush tea gardens in the mountains of China. This fresh tea is then immediately packed and sealed according to the highest standards to guarantee its freshness and quality.


Brewing Guide

Warm the tea pot by rinsing it with hot water. Pour freshly boiled water and allow it to cool for five minutes. Add one teaspoon of tea per cup and brew for two to three minutes. Tea can be infused up to three times.

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