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Traditional Pekoe - Full Leaf Curly Black Tea

Traditional Pekoe - Full Leaf Curly Black Tea


Pekoe is a twisted and coarse shotty black tea made of young tender tea leaves which were processed to appear shorter, curly and not much wiry. Tea leaves are rolled during the traditional manufacturing process and it gets the appearance of black peppercorns. Once brewed Pekoe Tea has a rich aromatic forest-like scent and the liquor generally has a medium to light liquor and a delicate taste. Pekoe Tea has a very good digestive capacity and good for drinking after meals. The colour of the brewed tea and the texture of the tea leaves can be seen in the circular section on the canister.


Airtight container preserves the freshness and original quality of Pekoe tea.


Brewing Guide

Water: 220 -230 ml

Temperature: 95 - 100 C

Leaves: 1 teaspoon

Time: 3 minutes for a normal brew and 5 minutes for a strong brew


Labookellie Tea is handpicked from tea estates and produced carefully to the highest standards, maintaining the quality of Ceylon Tea. Labookellie tea estate is one of the oldest and largest tea estates in Sri Lanka, that has produced the finest Ceylon Tea for centuries that tasted and celebrated across the globe.


Labookellie Tea Estate is located in the Nuwara Eliya District with a salubrious climate and falling within the Dimbula growing region; it also could be considered as the most renowned name in Ceylon for Tea.


Between the hill capital Kandy, the city that houses the "Sacred Holy Relic of the Lord Buddha" and Nuwara Eliya, the city that coined with the name Little England for its soothing atmosphere lies the Labookellie Tea Lounge, 5000 ft above sea level where finest Ceylon Tea is celebrated. Labookellie Tea Centre is one of the iconic tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

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